Flag and coat of arms


Flag of Brienia consits of Cross of Saint George, with upper quadrants being green and down quadrants being purple. Cross represents our Christian heritage, green represents productivity and nature, white represents monarchy and purple represents His Holy and Royal Majesty the King.

Coat of arms

Coat of arms consists of shield, consisting of flags of the 5 main Brienian provinces, Royal Crown, wreath, motto "Deo Est Iustitia", meaning "God is just", and of Order of Holy Deity.

About us

The Kingdom of Brienia is a micronation located in the Republic of Croatia focused around the development of Christianity, Christian morality, and the Catholic tradition. We try to promote morality, distributism and peace. The Kingdom was founded by King Višeslav II. Brienović, may God bless his reign. We believe that the monarchy is the only functional and stable political system that has ever existed, we believe that the meritocracy system is compatible with the monarchy, that is, a system that supports competition among people and thus promotes merit (talent). We also support the concept of the Divine Theory of Monarchs, a system in which the king received power from God himself, which means that God himself can take away the power of the monarch. Secularism has also been accused being godless system in which the government can reject the concept of morality and the government often tries to be “more tolerant” of “minorities,” although in most cases minorities feel completely alright when someone uses “God save us” as the state’s motto. Kingdom of Brienia is an absolute monarchy, where the power of the king is unlimited.

History and foundation

The Kingdom of Brienia is a micronation located in Croatia, and was created on February 2, 2018, and was founded by Višeslav II. Brienović, King of Brienia. It was then called the Principality of Obador, which would later become the Kingdom of Obador. The principality will also experience its first major conflict when Bihteria, Brienia’s neighbor, then called Obador, declared a conflict against us, Bihteria was weak and easy to defeat, so Obador won. The problems for Obador did not end, the Democratic Classical Republic declared a conflict, then the process of unification began. When the unification was over, the Ultimate Monoslav Kingdom was formed, where John lost his original nation, beginning with this confederation, ruled as a dictator and in a way a tyrant. Monoslavia then attacked what was left of Bihteria and defeated them. Monoslavia was a secular nation. The parliament of Monoslavia decided that Monoslavia should be a communist state, so the dictator did not accept that and made a "rebellion" against the communist parliament, but they made an agreement and turned the People's Democratic Socialist Republic of Greater Monoslavia into the Republic of Monoslavia and the last words of the president. The republic was: "Give me my monarchy", so he proclaimed the Ultimate Monoslav Kingdom. But UMK joined Twitter where it switched to the Holy Monoslav Kingdom, but as time went on, it became the Holy Monoslav Empire. This is where the problems with the Adlersland Empire began. Adlersland became a secular state, and Monoslavia was against those reforms. The conflict ended after the Adlerland's Emperor denied his Empire. Obador, the federal state of the Holy Monoslav Empire, conquered Monoslav by creating the Holy Obador Empire. Obador gained hate when the administration began making strange claims on Twitter and federal states declaring independence. The Northern Union, a project in the United States, ended Obador and the Obador's government fell. Ivan restored the government with the Grand Kingdom of Obador, which would be overthrown and then the time of the Grand Duchy of Ermenstein began. But that did not last long, the Principality of Ermenstein was proclaimed. After serious discussions, Ermenstein was renamed Brienia.

His Majesty

His Royal and Holy Majesty, King Višeslav II. Brienović founded Brienia. The purpose of the King's office is to look after the whole nation, to supervise it, to lead it, and most importantly: to protect its people. The king has unlimited power, and cannot be removed from office, and rules until abdication or death. Of course, all the power the king has is unlimited. The King directly chooses the Senator for the Royal Senate. The title of king is inherited, and will be given to the eldest son. The current king (Višeslav II.) has been ruling since February 1, 2018, and is from the Brienović House.

The king gets the title "King of Briens", because instead of taking the title "King of Brienia", we believe that "King of Briens" is more directed for the people and represents our intentions - freedom, life, equality and morality.

Royal Council

The Senate is a unicameral legislature. It has unlimited number of seats, so Monarch can choose as many senators he wants. The senate is not elected by the people, but choosen by the king. The head of the Senate is a person who holds the title of "High Vizier", who is also the head of the government, and his deputy bears the title of "Lower Vizier". The purpose of the Senate is simple - to lead the nation in the right direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Brienia a real state?

Of course! Brienia classifies himself as a "new state project" or "micronation." Unfortunately, Brienia is not a recognized state, it is not recognized by any recognized state, but because of that we have a lot of recognition from other micronations, and we try to build closer relations with other micronations.

May I have the title?

We hope this is not a reason for you to become our citizen, because title collectors are not welcome here. We give titles only to those who have done great importance to our government and people.

Is Brienia seccesionist movement?

No, Brienia is cultural simulation, community of people interested in Croatian history, culture and tradition. We do not have interest to seccede. We are to simply put a community.

May I get a passport?

No. Our government does not print or make passports, and even if we did, we would give them only to those who live in our territory or are close to our territory.

Can I serve in government?

That is question we currently cannot answer. First you need to become citizen (see page here), then you have to show loyalty to the Crown, and if King wishes to, He will add you to the Senate.

Is Brienia member of Grand Unified Micronational?

No. In our views, Grand Unified Micronational is pointless organisation that cannot benefit the Kingdom. We do not have wish to become members of Grand Unified Micronational, for much more reasons (false accusations).

I am a member of the LGBT community, may I join Brienia?

Of course, although a person who is transgender will have to use their biological sex, they will not be discriminated against. But Brienia does not recognize same-sex marriages and all sexual intercourse outside of marriage is prohibited.

Isn't that homophobic?

Homophobia is by definition hatred of a person of homosexual orientation or fear of homosexuality. We do not fall into either the first or the second definition. If a person doesn’t like our laws, they simply can ignore Brienia and search for another micronation they agree with more.

That sounds like authoritarianism.

Authoritarianism is a form of government in which the state has great power, has a lot of rules, but still wants to keep its inhabitants and citizens free. This is what Brienja describes. It was never in our intentions to create a liberal society, but a moral and just society.

If you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask us. Send us an email!