13 October 2020

On 12 October 2020 Sir Yaroslav Mar, Regent of Pavlov and President for life of Lostisland, has announced that Kingdom of Brienia has been accepted to Antarctic Micronational Union, organisation that regulates Antarctic claims since 2008.

Brienia claimed the Antarctic island of Drygalski in August 2019, then being Holy Empire of Obador. Those claims were disestablished in October 2019, but re-established in August 2020, following application to Antarctic Micronational Union.

Micronations like Karnia-Ruthenia, Pavlov (micronation which is the closest Brienian diplomatic partner), Lostisland, Westarctica are close friends of Brienia and also members of AMU that have established contact with Brienian government, as said. Leader of the Antarctic Micronational Union is Sir Yaroslav Mar.