On September 25th 2020, Pavlovian Senate passed an act called "Socii act" which created status of a Socii state, a confederate associated and protected state of Pavlov. Act supports creation of the "House of Socii", that shall give non-binding advice on matters of the confederal system, with Emperor Alexander being President of the House and HHRM Ivan Brienskyj as Vice-President. Full act says following:

  1. Socii - singular Socius - states shall be confederates of Pavlov. The Socii shall be allies of Pavlov.

  2. There shall be perpetual peace among the Socii states and the Empire. They shall not incite discord amongst each other, nor invoke foreign adversaries upon one another. They shall assist one another when any falls victim to aggression.

  3. Citizens of Socii states shall have access to full Pavlovian subjectship through an speedy application system, but shall also hold status as Cives Socii.

  4. There shall be a House of Socii, an advisory body of the Heads of State of the Socii states and Our Imperial Majesty.

    1. Our Imperial Majesty shall be President of the House of Socii

    2. His Majesty Despot Ivan, King of the Briens, shall be the Vice-President of the House of Socii.

  5. The House of Socii shall give the Pavlovian Emperor non-binding advice on matters of the confederal system. All Heads of State of the Socii states shall have 1 vote.

  6. All Socii states shall be composed of equal members.

  7. Applications for membership in the Socii System are granted to new nations which:

    1. Conform to the founding ideals of the Socii System: Christianity, Orientism and Conservatism;

    2. Have existed for more than three months, including predecessors;

    3. Consistently demonstrate adherence to and compliance with established intermicronational conventions and accords.

  8. Applications are voted on by all members of House of Socii and are approved by a unanimous decision of the member-states. After a successful application the applicant shall sign a Treaty of ratification with Our Imperial Majesty upon which an applicant will automatically enter the Socii agreement.

  9. Heads of State of the Socii states shall receive the Pavlovian title of Despotes or Sebastokrator.

  10. The responsibilities of the Empire of Pavlov:

    1. undertakes to defend the well-being of the Socii states, their sovereignty in case of foreign aggression; if requested by the Government of Pavlov – to represent and speak on behalf of the Socii states.

    2. grant semi-citizen status to Socii states citizens

  11. The responsibilities of the Socii states:

    1. undertakes to provide support for the Empire; means of such support are to be decided by the House of Socii.

    2. Defend the Treaty of Theodosia, Osokorky and Pax Basileis.

    3. Defend that the title of Pavlovian Emperor and Autocrat of the Romans and all Rus' is rightfully held by His Imperial Majesty Emperor Alexander IV of the House of Tezdzhan-Smahin and his legitimate successors under Pavlovian law, and that those who hold the right to the title of Emperor of the Romans are the Pavlovian Emperors and those they recognise as holding said right.

  12. All parties undertake to

    1. Implement a joint political, economic and cultural space, through eliminating border control for each other’s citizens, creating a customs union, endorsing joint cultural events and taking other measures that the House of Socii see fit;

    2. Respect each other’s customs and traditions.

  13. The Treaty of Ivanstone automatically transforms into a Socii state agreement between the Empire and the Kingdom of Brienia.

Act passed with 6 Senators voting in favour of act and 2 abstaining. The Kingdom of Brienia is officially a socii state of Pavlov.