His Holy and Royal Majesty, by the Grace of Almighty God, Ivan Brienović has decided to return to Twitter and bring back activity in the Kingdom. King has published longer speech, condemning all haters of Kingdom of Brienia, glorifying Brienian nationalism and patriotism. Speech has been published in document called "We are not dead".

Document condemns all heretics and nations that have commited blasphemy.

"We are not dead

Hello, haters of Brienian nation, hello lovers of the Brienian nation, let God's mercy be upon you. This day (17 September 2020 in the calendar of heretics) we are back and we are stronger than ever. Brienia is back, her glory is back. Kingdom on Flat Earth is back. We send Sohnland a message - let God's mercy and glory be upon Sohnland, upon Sohnlanders, upon Sohnlandic Juche, a blasphemy you have commited, by insulting Flower on Flat Earth. Let mercy be upon Adonia, let mercy be upon them for committing blasphemy. Let mercy be upon those who commited blasphemy and heresy. The Senate also announces that we are looking into forming ties with Sohnland again, until then, let God's mercy be upon Sohnland for their blasphemy. Too long have we suffered under the ideals of others, we are back. Brienia is back, and her Glory. Agni Parthene Despina, help Sohnland. Golden Eagle is back, Flower of Flat Earth is back, wife of Gloriousness is back, and it is shining with her glory. Let the heretics shake from our Gloriousness and let God and His Son crush all of the heretics and degenerates. Brienia is back, stronger, better, her Almighty Glory will be upon all Christian. Long live the Flower, the Eagle, the Cross, the Wife of Gloriousness. Let God bless Almighty Kingdom of Brienia, Christians on flat Earth and Pavlov. Peace be upon all Christians and let God slay all the heretics."

The attempts of blasphemy has been commited by several micronationalists, between them Leon Montan, who has proclaimed illegitimate government. Those attempts to show all micronations and nation that Brienia is weak, unable to protects its legitimacy, sovereignty, that it is just Christian nation stuck in middle ages. Brienia has proven itself to not be weak, able to protect its people, its nation, its sovereignty, its ideals and its legitimacy.

Second speech was published on Twitter platform, 3 tweet long speech announcing return of Brienian nation. Even though speech does not have official title, King has named it "Voice of Agni Parthene", Agni Parthene meaning Pure Virgin, referencing Saint Mary, Jesus' sacred and holy mother.

"Voice of Agni Parthene

Hello haters of Brienian nation and its people, let God's mercy and glory be in your favour, let mercy of King be upon you, tho shall not hate holy nation of God's.

Hello lovers of Brienia, our love is upon you, hello Briens, our love is eternally upon you.

Hello communists, eternal haters of God, godlessers, godshamers, blasphemy you have commited, let God's mercy be upon you.

Hello haters of Pavlovian nation, blasphemy you have commited, for hating God's glorious Empire.

Hello Christians, Glory is upon you, Heaven is upon you, builders of moral and civilization, you are God's bellowed children.

We have came back. Agni Parthene Despina, God bless you all, and let him mercy be upon you. We are back, stronger than ever, our Glory is bigger than ever."

Tweet can be seen by klicking this.