4 OCTOBER 2020

Kingdom of Brienia has been involved in online micronational community since June 2019 in the form of the Ultimative Monoslavian Kingdom. Since then, the Kingdom has been developing rapidly, diplomatically and internally. In the first 6 months, Kingdom has experienced various problems with few micronations and micronationalists. These six months, the Kingdom was simply a small nation with only one person active. Since the formation of the Commonwealth of Sovereignties in January, more and more people started noticing the Kingdom, considering that King Ivan Brienović was Vice-Chairman of the Commonwealth of Sovereignties. In late January, Kingdom changed its name from "Principality of Ermenstein" to "Principality of Brienia". Office of the Prime Minister was, at that time, vacant, just to be given to Sir Christopher Miller by the King. In April due to internal instabilities, the Kingdom will change from the Principality of Brienia to the Kingdom of Brienia. In late April, the Kingdom signed a treaty of mutual recognition and diplomacy with the Principality of Montescano.

In the May 2020, citizenship count passes 40. Prime Minister Christopher Miller resigns from office of the Prime Minister in mid-late May after weeks of inactivity. In the same day, the King has started elections on which Sir Joseph Peto was elected for Prime Minister of the Kingdom. In early June first issues with Brienian conservatism started to occur, with few people starting a coup in the Kingdom. In mid June, Sir Yaroslav Mar dissolved the Brienian Royal Council due to multiple insults that targeted the King. In late June, King signed the Treaty of Ivanstone with Emperor of Pavlov which made Brienia a free associated state of Pavlov (successor state of Montescano). Due to, as stated by Sir Joseph Peto, "turmoil" in Brienia, Prime Minister Joseph resigns and leaves the Kingdom.

In early July, Kingdom re-establishes relations with Republic of the Sohnland. No important events happen in middle of July. In late July, Grand Duchy of Flandrensis revoked treaty of mutual recognition with Brienia due to Brienian ultra-conservative policies. On 28 July, Kingdom signs treaty with Khaganate of Nedland. In early August, Kingdom signed treaty with Confederacy of Mahuset. In mid August Kingdom unrecognised same-sex marriage and banned sexual immorality. In late August, Advisory Council was created to advise King on important issues. In early September, Kingdom left Twitter online community, but in mid September it has decided to return to it.

We can break Brienian history into 5 following eras:
- Pre-online (era when Brienia operated outside of online community, from February 2018 to June 2019)
- Monoslavia-Obador (from June 2019 to September 2019)
- Slow growth (September 2019 to January 2020)
- Fast growth (January 2020 to April 2020)
- Diplomatic growth (April 2020 and is current)