His Holy and Royal Majesty, King Ivan Brienovich has officially proclaimed regency due to his mental health which has been damaged by various people who were preparing attacks and harassments on HHRM. This decision was brought up by HHRM this day (20 September 2020) at 2.16 PM and He has appointed Emperor Alexander IV of Pavlov (Dionisiy) as a Regent for atleast two weeks. King has wrote following shorter announcement:

"I have decided to appoint a regent on the end"

HIM Alexander has wrote a following shorter speech:
"In the name of the Most Almighty God, as Regent of the Kingdom until further notice. I will help HM King Ivan with restoring order in Brienia. Let's make something clear, if you do not like Brienia, then leave - We do not need someone who is joining to change something. That goes against the goal of any micronation."

HHRM has decided to speak more about the whole situation:
"I had a hope that all micronations will be viewed as equal. I had a hope that we will be one community. But those are just dreams, that is community I want, but community I know is corrupt, divided and is remain of community that once existed, and when community stops existing, you need to expect that there will be remains. And there are remains: trolls and idiots. We are divided by left and right, pro-LGBT and anti-LGBT, seccesionist and simulationist. But here is thing:
•left is seen more superior to the right
•pro-LGBT micros are seen as more superior to the anti-LGBT
•seccesionists are seen as more superior to the simulationists.
This is community you made, this is community you want. You still have hopes that something will happen and all problems will go away, but your problems are people who disagree with you. This is community where person that told someone to kill himself is promoted to admin, where person is banned 13 minutes after first strike because of disagreement. This is not community, this is remain of community -circus. My hope is gone.
It ended, this 'community' is remain of old community. "

Regent has proposed law to make Brienović line of successorship only legitimate line of successorship in the Kingdom, which has passed with majority of senators voting in favour of the law. Regent has also banned multiple people from Brienian server, including HH Baron Alvin Matthews due to certain remark made by him to the King. Regent Alexander has also planned to talk to Ethan Smith, but that request was ignored by the mr. Smith due to unknown reasons, after which HHRM has decided to write rebuttal to the "Ivanism" by the mr. Smith.