22 NOVEMBER 2020

His Holy and Royal Majesty, King Ivan Brienović, published Royal Decree recognizing Montediszamble Convention on Freedom of Expression, Civility and Copyright Protection in Micronationalism. Montediszamble Convention on Freedom of Expression, Civility and Copyright Protection in Micronationalism is a joint effort of many micronationalists, such as The President for Life Yaroslav Mar of Lostisland, The Emperor Alexander IV of Pavlov, The Queen Carolyn of Ladonia and many other notable micronationalists.

First article of Convention states that:
"civility is a necessity for the micronational community, and that there is no situation in which it is acceptable for someone who claims to be head of state or a senior state officer to resort to personal insults.", meaning that no Head of State or senior state officer (Head of Government or similar) should throw personal insults towards individual, group of individuals or a micronation. This principle has been violated by many micronationalists of all ages.

Second article of Convention states that:
"conflicts, when they arise, should be dealt with behind closed doors and through diplomacy, and when a compromise is impossible, the parties should cease communication with each other rather than publicizing the conflict on websites and social media, and thereby damaging the micronational community as a whole.", meaning that no micronationalist should publicize conflict, or start public "dramas" because they damage micronational community internally, and externally.

Third article states that:
"freedom of expression, and in particular freedom of speech and freedom of religion, are inalienable human rights, and said freedom includes the right to openly express views and adhere to the teachings of the religion even when they are not supported by the majority, without fear of shunning.", meaning that every micronationalist should be able to express their views and teachings publicly without having fear of being "cancelled" or, as article states, "fear of shunning".

Fourth article states that:
"copyright protection is of utmost importance in micronationalism, and copying the work of other micronations or using it without permission goes against the very nature of micronationalism, which is, by definition, about making something unique.", meaning that copyright protection is to be respected and that if it is violated, it goes against nature of micronationalism.

Micronationalists that accept this Convention agreed to following:
I. "not use personal insults in our interactions with other micronationalists, irrespective of whether we recognize their micronations or not, and even when objectively provoked, but will instead try to solve the conflict in a peaceful manner. Failing that, we will bring the issue to the attention of the venue administrator, and/or block the individual. "

. "We will deal with personal conflicts with other micronationalists behind closed doors, through non-public diplomacy, and will not use the websites, social media accounts, or other venues of our micronations to shame other micronationalists, no matter how strongly we disagree or dislike them."

"When in charge of intermicronational venues, we will not ban members for holding different political views or for adhering to the tenets of their religion, even when they differ from those of the majority, so long as that such views are expressed in a civil manner and do not call for violence. We will not participate in the attempts to implement a “cancel culture” in micronationalism, which creates more division rather than building bridges, radicalizes people rather than encouraging them to reconsider their views, and damages the reputation of the micronational community as a whole."

IV. "We will not use content developed by or belonging to other micronationalists without their consent and will remove such content upon request."

V. "We will not facilitate, nor endorse, directly or indirectly, acts contrary to this Convention by non-signatories."

The Royal Decree itself states that the Kingdom of Brienia shall "
shall sign The Montediszamble Convention on Freedom of Expression, Civility and Copyright Protection in Micronationalism in the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit to officially proclaim our respect towards other micronationalists who have worked hard for their own respective micronations"