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HHRM King Ivan Gabriel Brienović I.

Ivan founded Brienia in February 2018 as a project for him and his friend, which later turned out to be more serious job. King Ivan rules over House of Brienović-Petrović and is only head of state of Brienia. Power of Monarch is unlimited and cannot be questioned.

Monarch has power to give or not give royal consent to the acts of senate and can issue Royal Diatagmas, which cannot be removed or questioned.




Being involved in the Kingdom from May 2020, before it being good friend of Monarch, Ethan has been added to senate in July, and choosen to be Vizier in the end of July by the Monarch due to his contributions to the Kingdom.

HRH rules over Brienian protectorate of Glyndwr.

HH Marquess Raphael Oliver


His Higness Marquess Raphael Oliver has been involved in Brienia since late June 2020, when he was choosen as Second Minister Senator (now defunct office). Before joining Brienia he was close friend of Monarch. Raphael works in Georgienstine and Benjastan. He identifies himself as Paleo-conservative and eco-conservative.


HRH Count Isaac Richards

Royal Senator

HH Baron Isaac Richards has been involved in Brienia since middle-late June 2020, before it being friend of Monarch. Isaac was added to Royal Council during June Crisis, in which he stood up for the Monarch. After dissvolving the Royal Council, he was added to Royal Senate. Isaac holds seat as Count of Floydn

HRH Count Carl Werzberg

Foreign Minister

His Higness Count Carl has been involved in the Kingdom since late December 2019, before it being involved in Karno-Ruthenian Empire, after he left Karnia-Ruthenia, Carl joined Brienia and started his own province "Bridenberg". From early February he serves as Foreign Minister of the Kingdom (then Principality).

HH Baron Alvin

Minister of National Security

His Higness Baron Alvin has been involved in Brienia since late May 2020, when he served as Royal Councilor and (later) Supreme Judge. Alvin identifies himself as Republican and considers himself libertarian.

HH Baroness Ann Mark

Royal Senator

Her Higness Baroness Ann Mark has been involved in politics of the Kingdom since August 2020, before it being close to His Holy and Royal Majesty King Ivan, and is cousin of previous senator Thomas Mark, who served in the Kingdom around June 2020.